11 Lessons From Kristina Karlsson | Founder of kikki.k

Earlier this year, I was at a conference in Winchester where I had the pleasure of meeting Kristina Karlsson, founder of the gorgeous stationary brand kikki.k.

If you’re not already obsessed with Kristina’s brand, I highly recommend you check kikki.k out, especially if you’re a stationary obsessive like me!

I originally shared these lessons via my email newsletter earlier this year but one of my clients reminding me of how much she loved the email and how inspired she was by Kristina’s story recently that I thought I would share them on my blog too.

Kristina Karlsson’s 11 Lessons for Life

1. Love what you do 

Running a business is hard. Don’t make it harder for yourself by not being totally in love with what you are doing.

2. Set goals 

Even if they are big scary goals, in fact Karlsson encourages scary goals.

3. Don’t say no, say how 

Never say something is impossible. Nothing is impossible. If you come up against a problem ask yourself how you can get around it and find a solution.

4. Never stop learning 

This was when I knew Kristina & I were going to be friends for life – she swears by personal development and business books and has an unquenchable thirst for learning and knowledge. There is always more to learn. Check out my list of favourite books here.

5. Work hard, but work smart 

You can’t do everything, nor should you want to. Understand your strengths and weaknesses and wherever and whenever you can, delegate and work in order of importance.

6. Get up early

Karlsson gets up every day at 5am to work on herself and prioritises self-care before she starts her day. I love this and I too start my day with a powerful morning routine to set myself up for success. You can read about my morning routine here. 

7. Surround yourself with people who get it

Starting and growing a business can be really lonely. It’s so important to build a support network of like-minded entrepreneurs and coaches. People who have been where you are and are where you want to be, and also people who are at the same stage as you.

I asked Karlsson about her own support network and it was so refreshing to learn that she still has days when she doesn’t feel like she has it all together! She also still works with a business and a life coach to support her with her growth.

8. Be grateful 

Some days it might seem as if everything is falling apart around you, but there are always things to be grateful for. Even just the simple things like a blue sky, air in your lungs, and your health – some people don’t have that.

9. Be healthy 

As an entrepreneur often your business can’t function without you. Your own health and wellbeing is just as important as your business strategy, so make it a priority.

10. Take notes 

You are 80% more likely to achieve something if you physically put pen to paper and write it down.

11. Have fun 

We’re only for a short amount of time – live your best life every day.

I hope you feel as inspired and motivated as I did by Kristina’s life lessons! What life lessons do you live by? I’m always curious to learn about others’ habits and what sets them up for success. If you’ve not already joined, why not come on over to our Facebook community of inspiring entrepreneurs and share your story?


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