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3 Investments You Can Make To Grow Your Business

Making investments in yourself and your business is scary. Especially if it’s not something you are used to doing.
I’m of the school of thought that investments, and in fact any spending you do within your business, should deliver multiple ROI. Because if they don’t then you are essentially running an expensive hobby not a business.
So what should you be investing in?
My first answer is always, always YOURSELF. You are the best investment you can ever make. Your thoughts, beliefs and actions are actually the only things you can control in the world. Therefore you have the power to think, believe and create anything you want. You are the only thing you can invest in with a cast iron guarantee of a return – as long as you are willing to back yourself and take some action.
When it comes to investing in yourself there are three things that you can invest in to grow your business.

A coach/professional

Hiring a coach and a team of professionals to help me along my entrepreneurial journey are hands-down the best investment I have ever made in myself and my business. I felt physically sick when I first paid the price of a small car to work with a coach to help me grow my business but the experience and the lessons learnt have paid dividends 100 fold.
I also invest a not insignificant sum every month on a professional accountant and financial planner to help me manage my finances and investments. *Not to be confused with blindly abdicating financial responsibilities but more on that another time. Yes, I could do these things on my own, but having a financial team, helps me look at things from a 60,000 ft perspective rather than just what is right in front of me.


The fountain of all knowledge – there’s nothing quite like a good business book to help get creative juices flowing and learn new strategies and perspectives from those who have gone before you.
Here are some of my most recent reads I’d recommend if you are looking to grow your business:
Awaken The Giant Within – Tony Robbins
Mindset – Dr. Carol Dweck
As you know I’m a huge fan of a Morning Routine which you can read all about how I make time every day for personal development and learning over here.


I love a good networking event or conference and they are invaluable when it comes to getting out of your own head, meeting other people and bouncing new ideas around. I always feel like I leave events feeling uplifted and raring to go – plus it’s a great way to make some new entrepreneurial friends. But don’t forget to go to these events with a purpose in this post here I explain how to network effectively offline and how to get the most out of events for your business.
I’m willing to bet that most of you reading this wouldn’t say no to at least two, if not three, four, five or six extra zeros on the end of your profits… yes? Heck, even profit at all…
Well, if you want those extra zeros and to see results you’ve never seen, then you need to take massive action and do things you’ve never done before. There are no short-cuts, no magical knights in shining armour, one-day when you’ve made X amount isn’t coming unless you are willing to do something differently.
The truth is to grow your business you have to invest, commit and just go for it.
If you’re ready to up your business game then I’ve put together a free growth plan to help you on your way.
Applications are also now open for my Business Accelerator 1:1 programme starting in August/September 2017. If you’d like to find out more about how we can work together to grow your business check out my Work With Me page or book in a free discovery session here. 
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  • Katie
    November 15, 2017 at 5:52 am

    Great Post!! I always lack in doing investments in my own business thank you for publishing such an helpful article for all of us. Yesterday I visited your blog and read the post reading how to handle cash flows and I really liked that too. I adding your blog to my list and I will share it with my colleagues.

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