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Experience serious growth and take your business to the next level with bespoke coaching.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level by increasing your sales, growing your audience, converting your community into customers or raising private funding, this is the right coaching for you. Everything we do is tailored to the needs of you and your business and from the very start we will be working 1:1 utilising my 12 plus years of experience to coach you to take your business to the next level.

What are the benefits of working with me?

You’ll have complete clarity around the day-to-day operations of your business. No more waking up and thinking, “what do I need to do today?”

You’ll feel complete confidence in your abilities to achieve your goals and charge your worth.

You'll have clear systems and structure in place for managing the operations and growth of your business.

You’ll have a clear and actionable financial plan that will give you complete control over your finances enabling you to pay yourself the salary you deserve.

You’ll be stretched to rapidly achieve your goals.

You’ll learn how to create a simple and strategic marketing system that works for you and your business.

You’ll feel a weight lifted from your shoulders as you gain clarity over your vision and a real strategy in place to achieve your goals.

You’ll benefit from my 12 years of commercial experience as an entrepreneur and my investor lens. You might not need/want to raise investment, but trust me, the fastest route to building a profitable business is to think like an investor.

Working with me is tailored to the needs of you and your business. Here is an overview of some of things I cover with clients:

How to break down your big vision for your business into actionable steps.

How to generate consistent leads and sales in your business.

How to create a financial plan that puts profit and paying yourself first.

Implementing automations and systems in your business so that you can scale efficiently.

Creating a marketing strategy that converts your community into customers.

Breaking down your personal financial goals with actionable steps that will help you achieve them.

Demystifying your financials and creating a Profit & Loss and Cash Flow forecast that leaves you feeling empowered and in control.

Improving customer conversions on your website and sales pages.

How to create passive and evergreen income and adapt your business model to fit in with your life and income goals.

Raising private investment to grow your business whether that’s pitching to Angel Investors of putting together a killer crowdfunding campaign… I’ve raised over £8.1mn in investment to date and I can help you too!

Securing alternative finance through banks, loans, grants and rewards-based crowdfunding.

Accountability coaching - weekly goals and action steps to build momentum and move you forward with your business.

What other people have said about working with me

Blix Creative and The Guide To Growth

Working with Helena and The Guide To Growth has provided me up with an actionable strategy enabling me to work out tangible goals and has kept me accountable. I am now far more confident in my abilities, to achieve my goals, charge more for my work and have systems and structures in place that will enable me to grow. I have far more clarity in my day to day business, I am less stressed and have a real strategy in place helping me to take massive steps towards my overarching vision. Helena, has achieved so much at such a young age and as a result is incredibly knowledgeable. There is so much value in her input. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone who is serious about their business!

– Lizzie Bielicki

Founder of Blix Creative
Sam Burgess + Helena Murphy + The Guide To Growth

Helena helped me dissect my business and exactly what it was that deep down I wanted for Social Mouth. She encouraged me to open my eyes and my mind to the possibility that perhaps I wanted a lot more than just a nice steady income; I want to grow my business. Helena broke down the finances for me (not my strong point) and showed me how achievable they would be if I just focussed my efforts and slimmed down my service offering. In the 6-weeks following our session; I have signed up more clients and seen more income that I have all year! If you are in two minds about whether you can afford an Intensive Day with Helena, I ask you to ask yourself whether you can afford not to?

– Sam Burgess

Founder & CEO Social Mouth Ltd
Samantha Oxford Helena Murphy The Guide to Growth

I truly feel blessed that I made contact with Helena when I did – I had this huge idea, which required huge resources, which I did not have. Helena helped give me the confidence to pursue investment and gave me the practical tools to help turn my idea into reality. Helena also held my hand through raising funds on Crowdcube, and kept me positive when things didn’t seem to be going so well, as well as lots of practical tasks to keep the positivity and momentum in my pitch. We smashed our target, raising £160k above our target of £240k, and are now putting all our plans into action. I cannot recommend Helena enough for the miracles she has worked!

– Samantha Oxford

Founder of BoulderHut
Zoe King

I first came across Helena through her Guide To Growth website and newsletter, and I was blown away by the content of both, which were very relevant to me and my entrepenaurial journey. Since then, I've worked with Helena on a 1:1 basis, where she helped me to map out my financial targets and strategy for my business, PO-TEN-CY, for the next year. Helena is a breath of fresh air; incredibly knowlegable, direct, and inspiring as a coach. I've recommended her to several friends who have all been as impressed with her and her services as I am.

– Zoe King

Founder of PO-TEN-CY
Antonia Taylor PR and The Guide to Growth and Helena Murphy

Thank you Helena Murphy for a truly transformational day. I'd been missing that long-term strategy piece and we'd mapped it out my lunchtime! The direction and clarity you've brought is invaluable, together with your investor lens. I'm so thrilled to be working with someone who absolutely gets my business, my clients, audience and can help take me to that next level. I'd recommend you in a heartbeat.

– Antonia Taylor

Founder of Antonia Taylor PR

"We are absolutely thrilled with the business coaching we received from Helena. Before we had even met she took the time to learn as much about our business as possible which made our coaching day very productive and excellent value for money. She has given us the confidence to really grow our business and we are excited to implement the strategies we devised during our 1:1. Helena really knows her stuff and isn't afraid to share some amazing tips, we are looking forward to more coaching days with her in the future. Every business owner needs a Helena in their lives!"

– Geraldine, Jennifer & Michelle

The Founders of Cafe Creme and Sconebox
Antonia Sanchez-Toomey and The Guide to Growth and Helena Muprhy

I went on an incredible eye-opening journey of discovery, possibility and potential with The Guide To Growth yesterday. If you need some sound business advice and some help discovering your potential and setting goals then Helena is the woman for you!

– Antonia Sanchez-Toomey

Founder of Tinker Tailor Online
Erin May Henry

Helena is an incredibly inspiring coach who truly cares about helping her clients transform their business and achieve mega results. She is the number one person to go to for business growth, finance and raising investment in your business, but her services stretch so far beyond making money, Helena can support you in turning your ideas into reality, and your life into one that you are obsessed with.

– Erin Henry

CEO The May Collective

4 Month Bespoke 1:1 Coaching From: £5,000 + VAT

12 Coaching sessions. For early stage entrepreneurs who are looking to increase their income and scale.

This is not for anyone looking to raise private investment.

£5,000 or £1,500 + 3 x £1300 payments. Save £400 when you pay in full

6 Month Bespoke 1:1 Coaching From: £6,500 + VAT

18 Coaching sessions, recommended for those who are looking to raise investment or start a business from scratch.

£6,500 or £1,500 + 4 x £1300 payments. Save £200 when you pay in full

Consultation Call

For anyone wishing to invest in Bespoke 1:1 Coaching you must first have a consultation call. This call is a call to see if we are the right fit to work with one another. You will be speaking directly with me, Helena Murphy. In the call, we will discuss the challenges you are facing and why they are stopping you from starting or taking your business to that next level or gaining investment.

I don’t always say yes. Sometimes I feel like it might not be the right time to work with me and sometimes I feel like the business might be better suited to someone else’s field of expertise. However, when I  say, “Yes!” I mean it! When you make your investment, that’s my cue to clear the decks and say no to other opportunities because now I am fully focused on you.

Who this is for

Business owners who are willing to invest in themselves

People who are ready to see transformational change in their business

People who are coachable

People who are committed to building a successful business

People who run product, service or subscription businesses

Who this is not for

People who want done-for-you consultancy

People who have a negative attitude and aren’t coachable

People who aren't willing to take on board constructive feedback and try new things to grow their business

What do you get?

Extensive welcome pack

Weekly to fortnightly one hour coaching calls

Starts with a 6 hour in-person intensive

Action items after each call

Workbooks and video tutorials to guide you through implementing action points

Email access between sessions

Google Drive folder where all your coaching calls and materials are stored

Access to our private members' community of other people who have worked with The Guide To Growth. You get membership for life to keep you accountable plus access to further additional training and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you work with?

Normally the clients I work with are in the following positions:

1) People who are new to business and want to rapidly increase their personal and business income. These people want to pay themselves a salary asap!

2) People who are struggling to scale their business, reach new audiences and who want to create consistent passive income.

3) People who want to raise private funding for their business and find investors. I work with both service and product based businesses.

What do you do in coaching sessions?

Every session is different as every client is different. It all stems from what you want to achieve which is what we dive deep into in our initial strategy session and welcome pack. We then work to an agreed timeline on everything from your business financials to your website. Sessions will always start with us catching up on any challenges you’ve faced since our last session and what you would like to get out of the current session. One week we might be screen sharing as we work through your marketing plan, the next week we might be using NLP coaching techniques to break through your mindset blocks. It’s not just what we work on the sessions that’s critical to your success, it’s also what you do in between them. Therefore it’s my job to keep you accountable and on track to achieving your growth goals.

Do you have a refund policy?

If you choose to cancel before our first session then yes. However after this no, as soon as you invest in the programme, I’m invested in you and I clear the decks, refuse any other commercial opportunities and dedicate time to you and your business. We’re both protected by a legal contract so your investment in me is safe.

I’ve read your story but I want to find out more about you…

The easiest way to get to know me is to join our private facebook group or book in for a free call. You can also listen to my podcast or watch my youtube channel.

Want to find out more? Book in for a free consultation call and let's discuss your business