An Intensive 2 hour Business Breakthrough Session to Give Your Business a Burst of Energy

You may be an action-taker who is just getting started with your business and want a clear action plan for launch. You may be a successful entrepreneur preparing to raise investment and want to have your investment documents critiqued and your plan for approaching investors reviewed. Or simply you are an entrepreneur who wants to get off the hamster-wheel and take a holistic view of your business. If any of these sound familiar then this session is for you.

The Session

We will work together for two hours 1:1 via an online video call. We will either analyse the challenges that you have identified is holding you back from moving forward and succeeding. Or, if you are seeking a review of investor documents I will give you detailed actionable feedback. We will then rehearse your investor pitch as I will place you in mock scenarios at the end of which you will receive detailed feedback. At the end of the session you should feel confident to break through that mental barrier or tackle those investors head on.

How Do I Prepare?

When you book and invest in your breakthrough session, you’ll get my Business Breakthrough Workbook. This workbook will help you get your creative juices flowing and spark inspiration ahead of our session. You’ll take a few hours to work on this and send it to me at least 72 hours before our day together, along with anything else I might need to help us get the most out of our session.

Future Success

After our session, I will create a bespoke action plan of next steps and I’ll be available for the 90 days following our session via email checking in every 2 weeks to keep you accountable. You’ll also get a follow up action pack of recommended reading and resources to help you on your way.


Total 1:1 Two Hour Consultation Investment: £360 (excluding VAT)

Once you have paid for your session using the secure PayPal checkout, please book your session slot in the calendar. You will then be sent a confirmation and Business Breakthrough workbook to help me prepare for the session. If you have any questions about what you could achieve in one of these sessions please email helena@theguidetogrowth.com.

Cancellation Policy

I’m passionately committed to my clients. I will paddle in the boat behind you, at the same speed, at the same time in relentless pursuit of your goals. I won’t give up. Because I am so committed, I ask that you are too. When you make your payment, that’s my cue to clear the decks and say no to other opportunities because now I am focused on you. I prepare your Welcome Pack and resources. I start, researching your market, exploring your digital presence, scribbling out ideas on post-its for you, and talking out voice memos on my iPhone. I invest in you – just like you invest in yourself, by investing with me. And that’s why, with the exception of natural disasters, I don’t offer refunds for two hour consultation session cancellations. If you need to reschedule your session, just give me 3 days notice. I’ll send you at least 2 alternatives and we’ll schedule a new date. Bottom-line: We’re all professionals here, and our time is valuable.