Five Steps To Creating An Effective Customer Journey

Help! No one is buying – what should I do?!

This is a question I get asked a lot and my answer is always the same – find out why. One of the most common reasons people aren’t buying is because there isn’t a clear customer journey, so today I’m going to share with you five simple steps to take to create a clear and effective customer journey that converts.

Each of the following steps below will happen whenever someone purchases from you. The key is to design the steps rather than have them happen by default as this gives you control.


Creating An Effective Customer Journey:


Step one: Attraction/Growth Marketing

These are the tactics you use to help people find out about you. They bring awareness of you and your brand to new people. Things like guest blogging, being featured on a podcast, press, working with an influencer, online advertising, speaking opportunities, collaborations. These are all attraction or growth marketing tools. You are letting your audience know about you and you are providing a new way in which they can connect with you building credibility around you and your brand.


Step two: Engagement

At every opportunity you have to provide a way for your customers to engage with you. In the era of email and social media this has become much easier that it used to be.

Engagement is a two way street and is started by your audience. When someone reaches out to you it is so important you reach back. This often takes place the form of someone signing up to your email list or following you on social media. It’s incredibly important that you make these interactions as personal as possible. For example, with email ensure when sending email you aren’t taking any shortcuts and you are using subscribers names. On social media don’t just like comments actually write back and USE THEIR NAME! Making your audience feel loved and appreciated is crucial.


Step three: Nurture

This is where the majority of the value is built around your brand and product. Make sure you are delivering value to your customer base through your email newsletters, blog posts, and social media. This stage is all about educating your audience about what you do and building value around it. If there is one thing for you to remember when nurturing your audience – Build value and demonstrate the feeling they will get as a result of purchasing from you.


Step four: Inviting people to buy

This is a step that is both easy to forget and easy to get wrong. Some brands are so focused on marketing and nurturing their audience, that they forget to actually ask for the business and sell. On the flip side some other brands focus solely on selling the product and the features it has resulting in low conversions as no value has be built around the product.

Therefore, once people are at this stage in the customer journey/“sales funnel”, I use this little rule – Value, Nurture, Value, Sell. You can apply this rule on your social media channels, to your email funnels and to all your nurture marketing. On social media this might be posting an inspirational lifestyle image, posting a behind the scenes image, posting a motivational quote and then posting a flat-lay of your product telling people where they can buy it.

Step five: Surprising and delighting your customers

This step is about what you can do to surprise and delight your customers once you have them through the door. How can you get people to refer people to you and encourage them to buy again? There are several ways I do this with my 1:1 clients – things like sending a welcome gift, a surprise birthday card or a bunch of flowers. Surprising your customers with personal touches goes a long way, it shows them you really do appreciate them. 


Have you got any ways you like to surprise and delight your customers? I’d love for you to share them with us in The Guide To Growth Facebook Community. 

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