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The One Thing Holding You Back In Your Business

Over the last week I’ve been doing a lot of work with clients on what is really holding them back in their business and we’ve had some pretty incredible breakthroughs.

The one thing they all had in common? They were afraid.

Fear is a funny one isn’t it? Why is it we get so afraid?

Well, it’s a basic human instinct of fight or flight…
When you’re afraid, no matter what it is that is scaring you, you have the same reaction whether you are facing a tiger in the jungle, or an audience and an opportunity to talk about your business.
We often build up scenarios in our heads of the absolute worst outcome possible {often involving death, losing our homes and all our money} out of instinct to survive and protect ourselves from danger.
But if we take a second to look at these situations in reality, we often find that the problem isn’t actually life threatening or bankruptcy-inducing at all.


I’ve had my fair share of fears running my businesses… fear of facing my financials, fear of investing in myself, and fear of investing money into my business incase the investment didn’t pay off. Any of these sound familiar?

I had a serious case of burying my head in the sand, because I was afraid. I’d built up all of these scenarios in my head of how I was going to lose all my money and my business was going to fail. What if I couldn’t do it? What if it didn’t work out? What was I going to tell my partner? My parents? My friends?
But I’d reached a sticking point, my business was growing and it was make or break time.
I either learnt my lesson from my first business {you remember, the one where my hair fell out because I was so stressed and overwhelmed}, and invested in myself by hiring someone who had been there and done and that and could teach me how to grow my business, or I could stay where I was, unsure what my next move was going to be, or how I was going to scale.
I decided that the pain of the unknown and staying still was greater than the possibility of my investment not paying off.

“The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself”

– Warren Buffet


Fear is a subject I speak to a lot of my clients and other entrepreneurs about and I’ve found that money worries are a pretty common theme. But really, if we took a moment to lay out all of the worst case scenarios and then thought about what we could do if the worst happened, the situation isn’t that bad at all. In fact, we actually end up working out ways to avoid said worst case scenario altogether and take steps towards the best case scenario. {shall I say scenario again?!}

This is a really powerful and eye-opening exercise.

What are you afraid of right now that is holding you back from achieving what you want to achieve and stopping you from getting you where you want to be?
Maybe you’re not afraid of investing in yourself or in your business, but you are afraid of accepting a public speaking opportunity, or emailing that person you’ve always wanted to connect with incase they say no, or of putting yourself out there on social media with Facebook Live or a video on YouTube, or emailing a potential investor.
Now ask yourself…

What’s the worst that can happen?

Is the pain of the worst case scenario greater than the potential gain if you faced your fear and took a leap of faith?
When you step back and look at the bigger picture, the worst that can happen most likely isn’t life threatening. I’m willing to bet in most cases, you have nothing to lose and the world has everything to gain.
Why not challenge yourself to face your fears over the next week?
I’d love to know how you get on. You can connect with me by emailing or on my Facebook Page >
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