Five Productivity Tools I Couldn’t Live Without


Productivity and efficiency is like the holy grail of entrepreneurship. As CEOs we’re often in constant pursuit of the yellow brick road to doing more in our business in less time.
I’m not a fan of phrases like “hacks” – but there are some simple and savvy business tools you can use to boost your productivity and efficiency as an entrepreneur.


I love having a productivity portal and I honestly couldn’t run my business without it. I use Asana to create projects, boards and assign tasks as well as keep on track of everything I need to do. Asana is free to use and syncs with all of your devices so you can mentally decompress and keep an up-to-date to do list wherever you are.

I also use Asana to set up recurring systems in my business such as all of the tasks I need to do to send out my newsletters or create marketing content.

If you haven’t already watched it, you can sign up here to my free training on overcoming entrepreneurial overwhelm where I take you inside my Asana account and show you how I run my business systems.


Evernote is another favourite business tool of mine as it allows me to format documents and blog posts on the go without needing access to word processing software. I also love the dictation function which allows you to say your content out loud while Evernote types it up for you. I love saying out my blog posts and then just checking for spelling and grammar rather than having to sit and type them up.

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It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of keeping on top of the numbers which is why I use Xero for all of my accountancy. This is essentially my money portal where I can keep on top of my bank balances, invoices, customers, cash flow and other really fun things like my VAT return. Xero does all of the heavy accountancy lifting for me meaning that when it comes to filling accounts the work is already done and I just download the reports.


Receipt bank is my BFF of business apps on my phone. It still blows my mind how smart this technology is. Receipt Bank lets you take a picture on your phone of your receipts and then syncs with my other BFF Xero to ensure I’m on top of all of my paperwork {goodbye to drawers, envelopes and drawers filled with receipts!}, it then stores all of the important info that the taxman needs you to keep safely in the cloud, meaning you can throw your receipts away – oh so liberating!


There are a lot of social media planning tools out there, but personally I use PLANN which allows me to plan out my Instagram feed to ensure it stays consistent, on brand and visually pleasing, which let’s face it is what Instagram is for! I used to really stress about making my social media feeds look beautiful and consistent and Plann has made such as huge difference to my overall aesethetic, not to mention the time it saves of wondering what to post. I batch plan at the start of the week and then change things around depending on my mood or if I am doing something I want to share instantly {don’t know if that is a social media pun?!}.

I’d love to know what your productivity tips and tricks are, have you got any tools you can’t live without that help you grow your business? Let me know in the comments below!

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